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Re-planning the conquest of Mars.


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Re-planning the conquest of Mars.


On Thursday, April 4, Elon Musk updated his plans on using SpaceX to send humans to Mars in the coming years, Musk's talk went through the key points that he considers vital to take humanity to the red planet with a view to its colonization in the future.

The billionaire took advantage of the occasion and revealed an update on his ambitious plans to establish a human settlement on Mars and the near future. As we know, Musk's obsession with the red planet is not new and the SpaceX CEO has spoken openly about his opinion to establish a human colony on the planet.

Recently in response to a post on and self-sustaining on the red planet that could survive without any support from the earth.

The StarShip is the largest rocket ever built and will take us to Mars, posted one of the Tesla owners, to which Musk responded, we are drawing up a plan to take a million people to Mars, civilization alone It will overcome the large filter of a single planet when Mars can survive, even if supplies from Earth stop reaching there.

Musk has repeatedly said that he wants to make humanity a multiplanetary species by establishing a colony on the red planet, in 2011 he stated that he would put a man on Mars in the next 10 years, however, in 2022 he revealed that he had proposed the planned date to arrive. to the Red Planet, once again used X and said he now saw 2029 as the earliest humans could set foot on Mars for the first time.

A viewer asked Musk “how confident he was about completing the first crew spacecraft mission to Mars before 2030,” Musk responded “we're still in the early stages of that, getting the starship into orbit reliably and then achieve the total and immediate reuse of both, those stages are by far the main priority”; It is notable that if Musk's planned date is much earlier than the 2030s, it will be very close to the time when the American space agency NASA also hopes to send the first astronauts to Mars.


This could lead to an internal race for the human mission to Mars, in a statement that can be read using the attached link, SpaceX highlighted that all of its current programs, both the Falcon rockets, the Dragon capsule and the StarShip spacecraft, as well as its satellite internet company Starlink are essential for the development of the technologies necessary to make Mars missions a reality.

Regarding the update made by the main points addressed were short-term priorities for the StarShip that could unlock its ability to be fully and quickly reusable something vital for humanity to send large amounts of mechanical payload and challenges of traveling to Mars and there that the space company is building to allow the shipment of the estimated one million people and millions of tons of supplies and whatever else is necessary to establish a self-sustaining colony on the surface of the red planet in the coming years.

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