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Today marks the start of the three-day Gaokao.


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The Goakao (高考) is the China College Entrance Exam. It is a critical standardized test in China that serves as the primary criterion for undergraduate admissions to all higher education institutions in China.


The Gaokao is taken by high school seniors at the end of their final year and lasts approximately nine hours over three days. The subjects tested vary by region but generally include Chinese language and literature, mathematics, a foreign language (often English), and one or more subjects chosen by the student based on their preferred major in college.


The exam is known for its rigorous nature and the immense pressure it places on students, as the score largely determines their future educational and career opportunities. Preparation for the Gaokao is intense, with the final year of high school often dedicated solely to exam preparation. The importance of the Gaokao is so great that all construction activities near the test centres are stopped during the testing period to provide a quiet environment for test-takers.


The family and loved ones are in full support mode in the run-up to the testing date, and especially during these important three days. We have a friend whose son is taking the test this year. They even switch off their cellphones for these three days when he is at home to ensure no disturbance could influence his state of mind.


This afternoon (like every day the past week) it started to rain, so I decided to go to the test centre closest to our home to photograph the end of the first day in the rain...



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