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1.7K Discord Server members. Demons trying to Jeffrey Epstein Donald Trump. Alex Jones predicted 9/11 and is now predicting they'll try to imprison/murder Trump, poison his food, CIA/FBI/etc will try to do Internet kill-switches/blackouts/famines, and spark civil and international false flags so we enter civil/global wars; & bird flu/Covid-like scam.

Alex Jones said he made 50 million dollars in 30 years but had to pay half of it in things likes taxes and lawyers; a lot of money went back into growing Infowars, the broadcast, the products; where would he even get a billion or trillion dollars to pay for the Sandy Hook scam?

1.7K Discord Server members. Raspberry bed weeding. Videos: Disney Star Wars Acolyte 101-102 Spoiler Review, Matrix. Songs: I'm Ra Ra Roo Roo, V.9. Watched: Acolyte 101-102, Piers Morgan, Alex Jones, Timcast


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