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Planting a Golden Carpet


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All my hurts my garden spade can heal. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The above photo is the yellow trumpet bush on the front side of the house. When it is done flowering it hangs down an abundance of seed pods... which inevitably end up blowing everywhere because they are featherweight. I have a few pots lined along the front side of the house and noticed recently that the trumpet bush had decided to seed itself in almost every single one... though, like I say - the seeds come in abundance so I was not really surprised.

It is a rather messy tree or bush in that respect, but I still absolutely LOVE it! It is ever green which is one thing I really like and when it is in bloom it is truly magnificent and the bell shaped, trumpet like blooms literally cover the ground in a yellow, golden carpet.


A little research accompanied by what I have seen the already established "mother" survive - I thought it might do well in the back garden. Not only would it give some additional and much needed shade, but it is another evergreen bush added to my garden which loves the sun and heat and also offers such beautiful blooms for a particularly long time!

This last Summer in the garden, opened my eyes quite a bit to what was or was not going to work. Sure, we may only be 1.5 hours away from where we used to live - but the brutality of the Summer heat is on another level out here and even with the utmost care, very regular watering - most all of what I had planted for the long term "intention" of an English style herb garden pretty much died or came as close as.

It was back to the drawing book at the end of Summer, and I have now accepted that herbs (with the exception of lavender and rosemary) will likely need to be grown in pots if I want to see any real success. So, that entire area is getting a re-think. Having also "experienced" the garden a little more now - I am getting a better feel for what does well without regular watering etc.

And let me just clarify that I actually know a fair amount about all of that and did plant stuff that was suppose to do well in the heat - but it still didn't. I suppose the soil also plays an integral part in it all... but anyhooo... I am navigating my way through it all "trial and error" style - as Jayne does. I do often wish my mom was around to advise and inspire me, but I suppose, this is my chapter now.


So there is the first one I planted today. I will plant the others tomorrow. Oh, and that entire tee-pee contraption with all the thorny little sticks is only there to stop my other children from absolutely TRASHING the seedling before it even has a chance to find its roots, haha! Meet the "children" I speak of...


There is one full family of Franklins which has taken to living in our garden - probably because there is always food around for them, lol - wild bird seed... and they seem to LOVE my sourdough too, haha! so that family on it's own is about eight, but there are plenty others which visit.

They can really trash your garden with the amount they dig and scratch, but I just LOVE having them around, as well as all the others which visit... so I would rather adapt myself around them so that they can always feel welcome in my garden.

I know it does not look like much yet - but I am just going to tackle it one little section at at time and eventually... when I am old and grey, I hope it will be precisely the oasis I dream of passing my days in.


Human engagement had its primary role in my life for a very long time, and if I am honest - it only ever landed me the short stick. Nature on the other hand never robs me of enrichment... and as I walk forward I intend to give it the attention it deserves for the rewards it offers.


Until next time...
Much Love from Country Bumpkinland, South Africa xxx


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