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mammal 포유동물

harsh 가혹한

desolate and arid lands. 황량한

arid 매우 건조한

hump 혹

scarce 부족한

nostril 콧구멍

withstand 견디다

endanger 멸종 위기에 빠트리다

inescapable 피할 수 없는

pass on to 전하다

pay the price 대가를 치르다

distinctiveness 특수성

ethnic 민족의, 종족의

immersion 몰임, 몰두

threaten 위태롭게 하다

repository 보관소, 저장고

archive 기록보관소

to record their own linguistic knowledge

into repositories like web-based archives.

implement 시행하다, 시행하다

complement 보완하다

prfile a business executive

raise one's profile

The stain on the carpet won't come out.

subsequent 그 후의


ballroom 무도회장

Flower beds and lawn of your garden

We offer comprehensive maintenance service at competive rates.

Let's hear from

The audience is applauding the perfomers on stage

In flight meal availiability is subject to change.


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