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Contest ☘️|| The Diary Game ...My Market Visit 🛍️


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Greetings Everyone🙋

How are you all, I hope that everyone is doing well, happy and enjoying every day in their life, in the same way I'm also, my name @iffatilyas I'm from Pakistan 🇵🇰 I am going to share one of my best post which is about shopping according to contest... This beautiful contest is organized for us by @hive-135004



The Diary Game (My Shooting Day)

So I started the day in a way that when I have to go shopping somewhere, I wake up early in the morning and after waking up I have my breakfast first thing and then I get ready to go to the market. And I ironed my clothes etc.
And I also prepare my bag and in it I put a bottle of water especially because it is summer or anyway I was take water with me I must carry it with me especially if I want to go shopping and my At the same time, some money is also needed for shopping..
It was two days ago when me and my sister went to market I will share my shopping story.
I always like to go shopping with my sister because we both have a good time shopping together and talking together so we don't know the time so that's how we both sisters get ready and go shopping..
Shopping Shopping is a name that makes a person happy especially girls.
We like to go to different bazaars but there is one in particular which is located in Tench and is considered to be the biggest bazaar in Asia so we do most of our shopping there.
So the first thing I do when I go to the market is to go to the clothing store and see the new variety of new clothes that have come in the market.
First we visited a dress shop and there was a nice new range of frocks with very cute designs so we went through the designs one by one and we liked them so I bought one for myself and one for my sister. Bought for Our elder sister, all three of us bought the same style of frock.

IMG-20240613-WA0011.jpgMy Shopping 🛍️
IMG-20240603-WA0030(1).jpgMy Dresses
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Visit To Jewelry Shop

Then after that we went to every shop and looked at things but it was important that you go to a shop where there is some jewelery that works for us.
So right in front of us was a dollar shop where each item cost 280.We went into the shop and we looked at every item but after that we moved on to the Jewelry section.
There was quite a good variety of jewelery here and everything was there so we just took some jewelery pieces as per our requirement.

IMG-20240613-WA0013.jpgDollar Shop
Visit To Utility 🏬 store

After completing all our shopping, now we had to buy some household items etc. which my mother wrote on a slip. So we went to the Utility store.Shopping Whether it's for myself or for home, I always enjoy shopping.


text below

We bought all the things we needed and our shopping was done today, so we returned to our house after completing the shopping.


Shopping day is always great because in it we buy new things and it was a very good and best day which I shared with you guys in my context hope you guys like it. Anyway, I would like to invite some of my friends @zoyabhatti06
@shehnaaz to participate in this contest and share their shopping day with us..





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