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School Is Not A Scam - You Expect Too Much


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This slang "las las school na scam" which means school is a scam practice in the mouths and hearts of many young people in my country Nigeria; debilitating education known as the light in the darkness necessary for the growth and development of a particular country or country.

It is worrying that young people are starting to loosen up and not putting as much effort into school as they do and using this practice and other reasons I will share later in this article as an excuse.

The irony is that people who promote this practice through their songs or social media are actually graduating and getting good results but allowing many others not to go beyond the process they have gone through. This is also an excuse for people as they say ‘if a man who almost drowned in a river tells you that you are deep, you should not do the same thing to get what you have found’

What are the main reasons why people think school is a scam?

There are many unemployed graduates: This is true in Nigeria. There are many graduates who are unemployed and do nothing and as we know that the inactive mind is the workplace of the devil so many students have engaged in evil deeds such as cheating, armed robbery and much more with excuses for making a living, should the blame be out in university? A university is a learning center where people from different walks of life come to get information

___That dash is not a mistake but it is actually a major problem we have in this part of the world. The ‘why' reason of knowledge is one of the factors that make people inactive and do nothing. Usually, we get the experience to use it and provide solutions and that’s why you see the 10th Chinese guy creating socks on the wall and many other inventions; to export it and generate revenue but here ‘we get the experience of getting a job not just any job but a white job with a big office and good pay’.

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This is a theory that many Nigerian young people go to university with. Now you see them rushing around just to get good results the company will not refuse and once they have achieved that level, they completely forget what they have learned because we know that screaming does not stay in the head for long instead of letting, the impact of knowledge on them is open-minded to see what can be created or any solution that can be provided by their findings. They do all these things without realizing that the real result is not the marks on the paper they receive but the creations or the information they receive.

The only time they see this is when they've been doing nothing for three years, life has given them a painful lesson you'll hear now they say 'ah its not about the certificate or school o' and they don't understand us 'school is a scam'

People who have studied a field end up training / working in another field: This is also true in two ways. First, I saw a few lawyers working for the bank. Now you ask what a relationship is? Rumor has it that these half-baked lawyers are making it impossible for them to become full-time attorneys (you will know why at the end of the sentence) they have not been able to pass the Law School exam which is a full-time call to Bar, as a full-fledged lawyer with a body of benches or whatever as they call it so they get type one after another.

The second way is that maybe while he was studying a certain subject, someone now fell in love with something completely different and they went to it. I also fall into this category. I'm actually studying to become a doctor something I love but have found more love in technology; planning materials, creating solutions and making them work (Doc on steroids my advisor will say). I see myself trying to make a lot of plans and build a hospital as a whole when I graduate.

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I will advise all my Nigerian students to read this and change their way of thinking so that we can see the real effect of education.

Thanks and have a great day to come.

Thank you so much for reading.


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