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Origami Tutorial: How to make colored paper magic toys(10% payout to @steem.skillshare)

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Hello everyone, how are you? I hope you all are well by the grace of Almighty .I also fine.I am from Bangladesh @hasiburrahman1. Today I will teach you how to make a beautiful toy for kids with colored paper. This toy will be very beautiful. Let's talk about all the rules of making his toy without talking.


Device: Realme C21


Device: Realme C21


Device: Realme C21

Today I will make a colored paper magic toys

Materials that are needed to make colored paper magic toys


  1. A4 size of colored paper.
  2. Scissors.
  3. Scale.
  4. Glue.


Device: Realme C21

One step,

First you need to take some colored paper of different colors and cut those papers into (10 × 10) cm. In this way a total of 8 papers have to be cut. Remember that these papers are of different colors. Then it will look very nice, you will cut like the picture above.



Two step,

Those pieces of paper should first be folded in two corners at right angles. Make sure the folds are not protruding. As I said before, I will do it on a piece of paper. You will make similar folds on the rest of the paper.



Device: Realme C21

Three step,

This time you have to fold around along the line like in the picture above. If you look at the first picture and the second picture, you will understand.




Device: Realme C21

Four step,

This time open the previous folds and fold the lines as shown in the picture above and fold again. Then the paper has to be turned over.You can understand by looking at the picture above.



Device: Realme C21

Five step,

Now fold the paper into squares again like in the first picture and turn the paper over again. Make sure the buses are not random. Make a picture of yourself on top.



Device: Realme C21

Six step,

This time the fold is a little harder. If you pay a little attention, you will understand. First you have to fold the two corners together like in the first picture above. Then combine the other two corners in the same way and give another fold as in the second picture. You can understand by looking at the picture above.


Device: Realme C21

Seven step,

This time you have to combine the two folded corners and give another fold like the picture above. Make it when you see the picture above.


Device: Realme C21

Eight step,

I said at first that I would make a paper and you would fold the rest of the paper in the same way. So friends, you have to fold all the papers like the picture above.



Device: Realme C21

Nine step,

Now you have to glue the papers together like the picture above. I hope you can understand by looking at the picture above.


Device: Realme C21

Ten step,

Now finally the paper has to be glued with two corners i.e. two sides with glue. You will make a circle and apply it like the picture above. Hope you understand.



Device: Realme C21

Eleven step,

You can watch the game once it is created. If you rotate the toy in the middle, the toy will take on a shape like the picture above. You can see if you make the toy correctly.

Dear friends,
This was a beautiful toy for today's children. You can also call it a magic toy. This is a very nice thing I hope you like and try to make at home. Then my creation will be successful. Dear friends, I would like to say to you that the current situation means that you will all be safe from the Nobel Coronavirus and the Ammonia virus.

Whoever stays in the house. I want to say one more thing. You will always support me. I will always appear in front of you with new posts. Until then, I hope you stay healthy and well. Before I end my post, I would like to apologize if there is any mistake in my post.

Thanks for visiting my post

DeviceRealme C21
PhotographyHasibur Rahman

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