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I'm getting fucked everyday and sometimes several times throughout the day by the same guy or many different men. It has tremendous impact on my feminine energy and I love it so much that I am ready to fuck about anytime day or night.

I'm full of cum all the time and I play with my dildo in the sperm when I am alone. Sometimes I fuck myself for hours and hours. I'll have amazing anal orgasms and cum like a girl over and over again. My hole is so femininized by the way I jizz and from all of the sperm that men have squirted up inside me like a whore that hard cock always have to fuck me. They always come back.


I squirt jizz all over huge dick like a girl and often I have multiple orgasms making me light headed to the point that I might pass out for a few seconds....I love being fucked like a dumb slut I love it when I wake up and still having my brains fucked out.

Everyday I prepare my body to the deepest part inside and out before I get dressed and go online looking for a man to come over and fuck me.

Some men are looking down at me with their cocks at the bottom of my throat until I get to swallow his nut in slow motion. Sometimes I get so turned on by sucking dick that I jizz in my panties when I am going down.

It is a powerful feeling to be fucked feminine and craving sperm for the satisfying experience of ultimate feminine energy spreading out from inside my belly.
It's true that fucking me is way better than a real girls pussy.....



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