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Freedom And Happiness In Submission


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Everytime I give myself to be used to sexualy pleasure a man with my body it is the most satisfying thing to me. When a man is fucking me hard and being dominant by taking control I feel sexy and feminine. Each time I have made a man nut for me, whether inside my mouth or up in my guts it's a great feeling and I love how much joy and self fulfillment that I obtain from being fucked like a whore. It is a huge thrill to know that I am attractive and I make a man hard for me. The more that I embrace my feminine desire and submissive behavior is the most self liberation I have ever felt. As the process of my feminization progress grows with each day and every encounter with an Alpha man I find a satisfaction that has been missing throughout my entire life. I have changed my life in appearance, surrounding and lots of other feminine ways for a while now and I don't believe that I will ever turn back into a boy again.

When you fuck me like a girl and treat me like a slut...I feel most feminine and alive in the most natural way. I'm also more submissive to dominant well hung men and especially when they occupy several hours of my time being fucked in every hole on my body until he cums wherever he wants. It turns me on intensely to be used for the pleasure of a dominant man so much that it changed my life in many ways. I have been called a unicorn on a few occasions for the fact that I have anal orgasms and I cum like a girl...I promise it is absolutely amazing and it is definitely the highlight of my journey.

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