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The BTC price recorded new ATH in KRW 🥳🇰🇷


2 months agoSteemit


Source: Upbit exchange

Congratulations 🥳 The BTC price broke 2021 ATH(All Time high). It's been a tough time. The meaning of breaking the previous ATH in KRW is USD is the most hedging currency against the inflation, compared to other legal tenders including G20 currencies.


Source: Binance exchange

Take a look at the BTC chart in USD. It's still less than 2021 ATH. 6k USD left untill the ATH.

Well, I'm not sure the BTC price will break the ATH before the next BTC 4th halving. As you know, the BTC price had never broken the previous ATHs in the bearish markets. However, the BTC price declined to less than 2018 ATH. I was shocked.

Because, it seemed that the rule was broken. I'm wondering whether the BTC price will break 2021 ATH before the next BTC 4th halving, like a rule.


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