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SBD broke the previous ATH few days ago 🥳


3 months agoSteemit


SBD(STEEM Dollars) recorded a new ATH(All Time High) few days ago 🥳 It seems that the uptrend retains. Cause, the MACD 12 and 16 days' lines are plus, and not collapsed. So, I think it looks like a correction.

In the recent, there are some altcoins pumped more than 10 times on Upbit exchange. If it happens to SBD, we might see that SBD reaching $20. If so, how many will the STEEM price follow the SBD price?

I'll be researching some altcoins pumped around 10 times on Upbit exchange. It's interesting 🧐 What's going on altcoins? Is it a signal for altseason? or just pumps and dumps season?


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