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I received more than $500 of WLD(World coin) 🤯🤑


2 months agoSteemit


After I noticed that the Microsoft took over 49% of OpenAI shares, I came to trust Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI. Furthermore, I was shocked of the Sora, a generative AI(Artificial Intelligence) platform of text to video. I think AI will swallow more jobs of human beings. The WLD coin would be an alternative of this issue as basic income.


I could get WLD in Seoul. There are few of places that can upload iris information in the city. It takes few of minuts.



WLD is listed on Bithumb, Binance and so on. I thought I could sell 76 WLD at once. It was not. I was able to sell 10 WLD first after 24 hours of the verification.

Anyways, I sold 10 WLD in $9. It was sweet 😋 Additionally, the wallet app provides 3 WLD every week until you get 76 WLD.

If you like my post, and wanna get 76 WLD, please, feel free to install the World app using my referral link.

Sincerely, thank you 🙏


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