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Accidentally ate a weed brownie. It was way too much for me


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I don't normally engage in using weed. I have nothing against it but the buzz generally speaking is one that makes me really introverted and I just want to go home. I know people whose conversation is enhanced by marijuana but I am not one of them. I tend to get reserved and just want to go home with a pizza and watch movies.

Well last night I was already at home, had plenty of food, and was already in for the night so I suppose this is the idea place for me to eat too much of a magic brownie.

I don't even remember how this came to be in my fridge but I am pig enough that I will try something that doesn't have mold on it and doesn't stink of sickness if I find it in my fridge. I can only presume that a friend of mine either put it in my bag and I was saving it for him or that I bought it one night when I was blackout drunk.


It looked something like this and it was individually wrapped and sealed so when I opened it and it wasn't rock solid, didn't have any mold on it, and smelled fine I went ahead and ate it. Fast forward about 30 minutes and my night turned out a lot different than I thought it was going to. At first it was mild but then I was absolutely wrecked. For someone that does this kind of stuff all the time perhaps it would have been a mellow buzz but for me it was pretty bad. I started feeling like everything was dirty and disorganized and I went about trying to organize my apartment. Most of this was futile because there isn't very much storage space in my rather small 1 bedroom apartment.

I gave up on that after about half an hour but I was seriously buzzing and a lot of it was in a way that I didn't want to have. I haven't had any alcohol in 3 days so I was extra sober at this point and it was affecting me in a way that I did not like very much.

Thankfully, I switched on Netflix and found an old favorite show of mine, Seinfeld.

Seinfeld was really good when I was in college but high as a kite it took on a whole new level of hilarity. I made connections with the story that I hadn't really experienced before and at least that much of the buzz, I quite enjoyed. The rest of it was not my cup of tea. I felt disoriented, I couldn't remember what I was thinking about just a few minutes ago, and I felt light headed. Of course the munchies kicked in as well and I ended up eating a wide variety of snacks including overcooking a microwave butter popcorn that was just disgusting. Seriously! Are any of those brands of microwave popcorn any good? This was just terrible. It tasted like it was burned yet the bag was still filled with a ton of unpopped seeds.

There was a lot about the buzz that I really enjoyed such as being able to watch a show I have already seen and totally laugh my ass off at it. The rest of it I could have done without. Of course it is my own damn fault for eating what is probably 4 times as much THC as I actually needed and I wouldn't mind having another go at it but this time just eat say 1/4 of the brownie rather than the entire thing.

It had occurred to me immediately after I ate it that it might have been a weed brownie because I don't usually keep any sweets in the house. I'm more of a meat and cheese kind of person when snacking.

So I'll probably go down this road again but in a more controlled fashion. If you are the kind of person that can handle that buzz I have to say I admire you a little bit. I was feeling very uncomfortable and was really glad that I didn't have to interact with any people!


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