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Outpost: A brand new and cheap hostel for backpackers in Da Nang


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I've been to quite a few cities in South-East Asia and feel as though this part of the world is very popular with backpackers. I was never really one of them but the entire experience seems like it is a good one. I've been in this city long enough to know that there wasn't really anyone catering to this group and getting a real hotel room was the only real option.

As far as I understand it the backpacking experience is one of not just wanting cheap and basic places to stay but also a way to meet other like-minded travelers in the common areas. Normally these kind of travelers like to stay in dormitory style rooms where they are kind of forced to interact with others that are traveling then they will also meet at breakfast and at the hostel bar. You are kind of forced to come out of your shell in this sort of environment and it seems like a wonderful way to meet people from all over the world. This is not really part of American culture and I wasn't really aware of how widespread it was until I moved overseas. I think it is a great idea.

A new hostel catering to just this style of traveler recently opened up near my neighborhood and I wish them the best


Those are the two owners of the place, Ben and Alan. They have a lot of experience in backpacking themselves so they know what the customers are looking for. A night in this place including breakfast is dead cheap and while I would imagine it is seasonal the rate right now is currently 180k VND, which is about $7.50. To get a bed as breakfast at this rate is pretty amazing if you ask me.


While I didn't stay there I did go by for a couple of their events that took place and the drinks are cheap and the staff are super-friendly. They are kind of working out the wrinkles right now so it was a bit chaotic and we were actually not charged enough on our bills. We are honest people so we pointed it out to them and paid what we owed.


They have many events throughout the week and I went for the Boozy Bingo that was a lot of fun and didn't really require you to use your brain all that much. I didn't win but another friend of mine did. It was a 50k VND buy-in and he won 250k VND so that little victory paid for his night.

Other events they have are quiz nights and they also feature sport nights for English Premiere League football as well as Australian sports. They don't feature any American sports because they are on at silly times of day, otherwise they would do it.

I did not make this video but was given permission to repost it. Outpost is featured as one of the "coolest" places to stay in DaNang.

Travis Travels Vietnam does a very good job of showing essentially what everything is about as far as backpacking in Danang is concerned. If you are trying to travel on the cheap you would be hard-pressed to find a better deal than this.

You can easily find these guys by just searching for Outpost Danang but this is their FB page if you want to contact them directly.

I'm a bit old for travel like this but honestly, if I was trying to stay somewhere for next to nothing I would certainly be tempted to give this a go, especially now. We are in the lower season right now and from what Ben has told me they don't have a lot of bookings right now so if you do book even in the dorm rooms, there is a good chance you are not going to be cramped anyway. A lot of the local crew including yours truly regularly hang out here so if you want to get to know a few locals in your travel and hear what it is like to actually live here, Outpost will have you covered in that regard as well. Maybe see you there!


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