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Aquarius zero-calorie.... my new favorite beverage in Vietnam


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Are electrolytes actually important to life? Are anything that they put in sports drinks? It's tough / impossible to know for sure but i do know that I get thirsty every now and then and I want something that isn't water. I also do not want to have a whole days' worth of sugar when I do decide to have a beverage so I was delighted when I saw this drink in the minimart that is zero calorie and claims to have the same benefits as the very sugary couterpart.


The day I encountered this drink was today and I discovered it completely by accident. I was in my friend's bar and didn't feel like drinking alcohol but because it was quite hot I decided to have an electrolyte drink because I had recently been doing something in the sun and even though I don't know if electrolytes are actually important - or even if they are real - I decided to reach for one of these Gatorade type drinks. I was expecting a sugar nightmare because that is what all of these drinks are like despite the fact that they frequently feature athletes on the logos and commericals but if you look closely at a sporting event you will see that the Gatorade coolers are actually filled with water, not Gatorade.


So when I took a sip and thought it tasted good and then took a moment to look at the bottle I was delighted to find out that this delicious beverage was actually a zero-calorie drink, well, that just made it better for me.

It doesn't really matter if you can read Vietnamese, I know I can't, but I know a zero when I see one.


So it's got some vitamins in it as well and that can only be a good thing right? I guess so. But in the end I don't really care. I just like the fact that this drink has recently become available everywhere in Vietnam and it costs next to nothing. So if you are thirsty for something a little better than water and you don't want something that plants crave, perhaps reach for an Aquarius Zero-Cal next time you are in a Vietnamese minimart


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