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Window View - Portrait Photography and Art Contest - WEEK #169


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Window View 2 - Final - TN.jpg
Thumbnail Version


Genesis 8 Female.JPG
Started with a Genesis 9 Female...

Window View 8.JPG
Added a window seal.

Window View 7.JPG
Added background light.

Window View 6.JPG
Added the semi-completed model, after I morphed the body, changed her position, facial expression, and added clothes.

Window View 5.JPG
Added hair, eyebrows and eyelashes…and nose ring.

Window View 4.JPG
Added thicker atmosphere for light refraction.

Window View 3.JPG
Added texture, light and color.

Window View 2 - Final.jpg
Final render.


Tools and assets used:

Daz3D Studio, Iray and Photoshop
Genesis 9 Female Template
dForce Idol and Explorer Hair
PP - Nose Ring
Spring Dress
Daz3d and HDRI Lighting Background
KRAF Atmosphere and Lens Flare
Window Seal

In Summary:

  • I start out with a model template and morph the body physically.
  • I put the body into a position, change facial expressions, add makeup, dress the model, add skin texture, props, etc…
  • I either can embed the character into the background or wrap the environment around the character, then add lighting and camera settings, like depth of field.
  • Rendering times was about 6 hours.
  • Postwork in Photoshop (adding imperfections in the skin, changing atmosphere and lighting, etc…)

Stay frosty people.


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