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Writing story competition 123, Part 2 / Aliens under the aurora australis, Part 2


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Image made by @xpilar

Two weeks passed. I kept going out on deck almost every night, looking up at the firmament looking for what I had seen before. But in all these days I never saw the alien ship again. My companions went to town again. They told me that some tango singers came from Ushuaia. I didn't tell them about the alien object because I'm sure they'll say, “What crap liquor are you drinking?” Well, really, a few minutes ago I had a couple of glasses of whiskey. That doesn't get me drunk, but it makes me feel really good.

And, after a few minutes, the same ship appeared from the sky, it came from the aurora lights. This time it stopped a bit far from my head. As always, without making noise. Some flashes were visible on its flanks, they looked like windows. Then I took my laser pointer out of my pocket, I pointed it towards the ship, hitting the light three times. The ship responded to me as well with three blinks. It moved and settled above the ship at about 200 meters high.

The one who was pretending to be a brave guy pointed the laser light at them again. At that moment other flying objects appeared, but they were different. There was one that was surrounded by a transparent bubble, and there were others that were like transparent light globes. The lights they emitted were similar to those of the aurora, but more intense.

Again I yelled at them: “Hello! What are you doing here?!” They didn't answer. "I think these guys are dumb," I said to myself. Then several small luminous globes came down from the ships. They were the size of a football. They came up to me and surrounded me. There I got scared and, despite the fact that I was in Antarctica, I began to sweat. They fluttered around me and almost touched me. One of them stopped in front of my stomach, began to change shape and became flat. To my surprise, it had turned into a TV screen and played in its entirety a short old video for Old Parr whiskey, the same brand I had just drunk.

The objects rose towards the other ships and again they all disappeared among the roots of the aurora. Then I thought: “They are too technologically advanced beings. We are nothing next to them”.


Image made by @enrisanti using color pencils. I took the photo with a Huawei Honor.


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