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#club100 || Acts Of Kindness : Integrated Healthcare Center - Village level health services


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Steem Entrepreneurs : Steem Kindness For Better Life | May 15, 2022 • Health - Integrated Healthcare Center.

Hello all Steemian, health is the main key in leading a maximum life, without health there is no meaning in life - meaning that all individuals in society need a healthy body.

Here I will discuss a little about a health service at the village level and this is called Posyandu (Integrated Healthcare Center).

This posyandu activity will be held by each village at the beginning of the month and this activity is absolutely the responsibility of the village for the implementation of the activity.

The village has full responsibility for forming this health service team and at the same time managing the costs needed for the implementation of posyandu activities.

How important is posyandu?
Villages are responsible for their people, in this case many from toddlers, pregnant women, elderly people who need their health services ranging from medicines to various types of vitamins needed.

Therefore, the village is very obliged to pay attention to this one, because this is about protecting the community and saving the nation's generation.

And here I write about a health service activity with our village.


The activity this time was a little later than before because we were waiting for the Eid atmosphere to finish.

Why is that?
Here we reason that all of the people listed in the posyandu participants can take part in this activity without being hindered by other activities. If in the midst of Eid, they will be busy with many family reasons, so this is where the schedule is set for the Posyandu activities to take place.


In terms of carrying out this activity, the village has provided a maximum budget for the posyandu team so that they can prepare for their various needs.

And here, our village posyandu team has prepared various medicines, vitamins, and various gifts to be given to posyandu participants.

The team will record each participant who attends the posyandu, and provide the services needed by each.


We also provide blood pressure and needed medication.


The invited doctor will check the blood intention of pregnant women and the elderly. And for children or toddlers the posyandu team will always check and check about their growth rate.


I think that through this program the village has provided good service to the village community.

Many toddlers are being prioritized for their maximum growth, they need stable vitamins for their growth development, so here the village understands this very well, and the village will see this very intensely.

And below you will see the gifts given to posyandu participants as well as photos during the delivery of the gifts.

Photo gallery of Posyandu Village Blang : May 15, 2022

This is our village gallery today in providing the best for village community health growth through posyandu activities.

• First, we are very grateful for the ability that is still capable of carrying out this noble activity.

• Second, we are very grateful to all posyandu participants who always faithfully participate in this activity for their own health.

Hope :
We hope that this activity will always be held in an effort to maintain and at the same time protect the health of the village community.

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Blang Village, District. Syamtalira Aron, North Aceh District, Aceh 24391

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