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SEC-S17 /W6| "What do you prefer to do in your leisure time?"


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Working without having a break can result in mental illness therefore we need to rest. Even though leisure time is not actually a resting time, it helps our mental health and improve rest and especially when we are stressed up.

🌸 Reading a book or listening to music?

I like listening to cool music because it helps refreshed my memory and help me think positive and not dwell on my past stressful activities.

Naturally, if we are stressed without taking a break, we will break down and as such We need to engage in activities that will help us to balance our mental health. So personally I don't go for reading when I'm at my leisure time because my leisure time is considered to be my resting time. So I don't go for reading rather I go for cool music It helps me a lot especially those love musics It reminds me of how much my husband loves me and how much I should cherish this privilege or this gifts that I have.


If I'm listening to spiritual music it helps build my faith and I've lived my spirit and it's also strengthened me especially when I am weak so and it strengthens my relationship with my God as well to bring this as my leisure time helps me a lot.

🌸 Social media, using Instagram or Facebook?

I like going to social media atleast to see what others post online also to interact with friends who are not closed by me, I do spend some time on Facebook. Even with that, I like spending my leisure time in steemit going through people post, reading and commenting on people's posts.

Steemit has been my favourite social media even though it is my place of work that I spend much hours working. At everyday of my leisure time, I never spend a day without logging in to steemit to at least upvote users, read and comment on posts.

🌸 A movie Night with friends or family?why?


I like watching movie with my family because the fun of talking about the movie together makes us feel the bond of love. After the movie we do talk about it and the lesson learned, I remember those days when I and my sister will even summarize the movie before it ends.

Even now although my hubby is not a movie person, my sister still come around and we watch movies together.

🌸 Keeping a pet at home, Cat or Dog? Tell us the reason. OR If you prefer to spend time in the lap of nature and planting ☘️, then let us know?

I have a pet at home, and I enjoyed the company of my dog, she is very active when it comes to security duties. I prefer dogs because they are friendly to be with, they understand humans as well. My dog Molly is always friendly even with my baby she reacts if my baby is sad and cries out loud, she also plays with her.

I will like to invite @adylinah @dequeen to take part in this contest.



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