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Gas Hero NFT Review ./Part 01.


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Assalamualaikum. Hope everyone is well. I am very well by the grace of Allah. Again I am going to share a new post with you. Hope everyone will benefit.

Today I will discuss among you a beautiful nf. Basically this NFT is made for gaming. Gaming nft on the web three point zero world is very popular. So today let's discuss a strange NFT. Today I will discuss Gas Hero NFT.

We all know about StepN NFT and Game. These are the development of "move-to-earn" programming systems. Likewise, Gas Hero is the latest crypto-powered game from Find Satoshi Lab.It is controlled by polygon network.


We have moved beyond the current Web 2.0 to the Web Three Point Zero world. Gas Hero is Web 3.O social and strategic gaming in FT. The game offers rich strategies and leverages a decentralized trading platform to increase transparency of on-chain data. These NFTs compete for power and glory and community in a tree-like world structure.

Gas Hero NFT contains more than 25,000 items in total. They are divided into different categories. 25 of them are in code names. This is NFT representing about 18% of the total collection.


Everyone is attracted by the beauty and use of this NF. The reason for its popularity is that this NFT energy can combine glory and relationships. They can work as a team while playing NFTs.

Other N ones have no power and some have more power. This NFT video is completely different from the nfds I have discussed with you so far. This gaming NFT doesn't just work for its own sake. Allows you to create your own legacy.

We already know that Gas Hero NFT has announced a new CEO. The new CEO name is Shiti Manghani. Shiti Manghani worked as a marketing officer in many other companies. Now he is serving as the CEO of this community for a period of time.

Shiti Manghani was the CEO of Manghani Breath Happy before joining Find Satoshi Lab. Shiti Manghani served as the CEO of Manghani Breath Happy for three years. Looking back at his history, he has done a lot of business and has a good relationship with big industries.


He is a very experienced person. He grew up from childhood. He did not grow up in the field of marketing at all. From a very low path, he has now achieved success. I respect his sacrifice and success

So friends, I have finished here today. See you in the next post. The next post is going to be very nice. Because I will not talk about NFT in the next post. I will discuss how to play games with this NFT.

So friends, as of today, everyone will be fine, stay healthy and take care of yourself. God is Hafez.


I am Md. Ebrahim Islam Nahid. Everyone calls me Nahid. I am Bangladeshi. I am an Electrical Engineer. I love reading books, writing and creating new things. I try to express myself and evaluate the opinions of others.


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