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Finishing up the Spring garden work


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It has been a lush June here in Northwestern BC Canada, a welcome change after the dry start we got to 2024. Everything has greened up, and the last of the Spring work is being completed. Have a look around my backyard garden!


I've got 3 rows of peas going. Peas need cool weather, and I'm not sure how much more of that we'll have, but I decided to build them some proper supports. These are 4 young poplar saplings I chopped down for the sides.

You can see the new trellises in the last of these yard update photos:





I'll be able to save these and use them in future years, so the work put in, and the young trees removed, won't have to be repeated.

Here are the latest apple updates:



It has done well so far. It started off as a short bare stick a couple months ago, now it's twice the height and covered in leaves. My guess is that it will produce its first flowers next Spring. This year will be all about putting on some size.


There it is from above, showing the ring of oregano plants around the base. Oregano don't always want a whole day of Summer sun, so I'm thinking the apple tree will provide them just a bit of shade, especially as it grows. We'll see how this works out.


That's the Swedish lettuce. Basically a red loose leaf variety. It's crunchy, quite tasty, and fun to grow. I plan to collect the seeds for future years.


Yessssss, the snow peas are flowering! That means I'll be eating them in a few days. I've got quite a hedge of them, so it will be a heavy and constant harvest until the weather heats up. Good, I love fresh peas!

Funny how another part of the plant seems to be lassoing the pea flower with its grabbing tendril. Aren't peas interesting plants? They produce a surprising amount of protein. I wish they grew year round!

And now, in the secret garden... in the forest just behind the firepit...


I've been planting my 7 Reclining Buddha medicine plants under the cover of darkness, 1 or 2 at a time. I planted the last of them tonight, so the washing machine grow area is empty, and the secret garden is full.

The plants are LOVING it here!


That was one of my favourites, freshly planted a couple nights ago. I should have waited to take the photo, because it looks even better now! They really enjoy that soil, and I think they also enjoy the energy of the location. I even think they're benefiting from the timing of the planting... leading up to Summer Solstice. Cannabis plants are closely linked to the changing of the seasons, and will go into flowering mode once the days begin getting shorter. Everything seems to be coming together for a great next 3 months in the secret garden!

My last garden update can be found here.

The Spring garden work, including all the sowing, is nearly done around here. There's always more to be done, but it's nice to be nearing the end of the main rush. It never feels good to have Summer coming on and still not have your crops in, your infrastructure repaired, and Winter all squared away. Despite serious health challenges, I've made this garden a priority for me, allowing significant progress to be made. One thing I like about gardening is the results are within your control. Not in the way that some people prefer - Nature has a way of throwing curveballs all the time! But to some degree, you decide if you succeed or fail. If you really put your mind to it, and dedicate the time and effort, you'll see a result you can be proud of. Forward progress can be made. Your input is primarily what decides the outcome, and I like that. Thanks for stopping by.

Grow in peace.



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