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Curation Report by Team Newcomer-Week 2| May 2024


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Hello Dear Steemians,

This is @dove11 presenting the Newcomer Team's curation report for the second week of May 2024. As expected we visited as many communities as possible, including the newcomer tag to find the talented newbies on the Steemit platform. It was not easy but we all tried our best.

Here I present you this week's curation report by the number of posts and comments curated by each of us.

We paid proper attention to the comments as we had a certain percentage of curation rewards for comments. You can check here the number of comments

Now I would like to give you the total number of posts this week

As you can see through this chart we all did our curation duty with utmost care as curating the newbies is not an easy job.

Screenshot (1879).png

However, we left no stone unturned in finding them and performed our duties as community as curators for newcomers as was expected of us.

In the second week, we supported 176 posts consisting of newcomers, from different countries, and communities with different club statuses and we also appreciated the good comments from all Steemit users.

Curated Post Statistics by Curators

Screenshot (1883).png

✅ Posts curated by countries during the second week of May 2024

Screenshot (1891).png

We've upvoted posts from 9 countries as most newbies came from there.

✅ Club Status

Screenshot (1894).png

✅ We have curated posts in these Communities during the second week of May.

Screenshot (1890).png

✅ Comments

We have upvoted 46 comments during the second week

Screenshot (1882).png

✅ To see the details of the Newcomer Team's curation, you can check the Google Sheet: Here


Top Post Nominations this week


The author in his diary post tells us that how he woke up with a loud alarm sound at 05:00 and went to the mosque to perform his morning prayers. After that, he describes all his regular activities before leaving for his school.

He has described all his activities with perfect images which are self-explanatory as what he did and how he did. Being a member of his school team that takes care of bullying he tells us how he performs his duties.

Author: @andreudin
Club Status : #5050
Post Link: The Diary Game (Selasa, 7 Mei 2024), “Selasa Punya Cerita.”
Nominated by: @dove11

Curation window: Expired


A publication where the friend @nuraini1975 shares an emotional diary, since it was a farewell day for the director of the school where she works, this publication shows good quality photographs. The author can improve the visualization of the content, developing shorter paragraphs, as well as his community interaction, commenting and providing support to others.

Author :@nuraini1975
Club Statu :#5050
Post Link THE DIARY GAME, Rabu tanggal, 08 Mei 2024, Lepas Sambut Kepala Sekolah
Nominated by: @adeljose

Curation window: Expires in two day


I have selected this post because the user has beautifully captured the rhythm of his day. He stated his day with early morning prayers with a satisfying meal and rest. The author has portrayed his daily activities, for example, detailing his journey from the mosque to university, encounters with friends. He described moments of relaxation in his diary. Dropping off his cousin at school, attending classes, and enjoying leisure activities like watching a football match and shopping for bike accessories, all the details are present in the post that make this post interesting. Overall, his diary post offers a wholesome of how he spent his day. Keep up the great work.

Author : @hammadhassan01
Club Status : #club5050
Post Link The Diary Game | 09-05-2024 | How I Spend my day
Nominated by: @suboohi

Curation window: Open


@suryati1 in our participation in one of the engagement sessions, she shared how she spent her day with her family. With support from her husband, she achieved her morning duty at home. @suryati1 has a great presentation and simple and clear language for understanding. She shared a step-by-step of her activity throughout the day like a movie script.

Author : @suryati1
Club Status : #75
Post Link SEC S17W5: The Diary Game (Rabu, 08 Mei 2024): "The ways of life".
Nominated by: @fombae

Curation window: Expires in two days.


She describes her day as full of work and also rest, and how she did her daily chores, including laundry and cooking, so you know that the thing about women doing two things or more at the same time is very true. She cooked and then took the clothes out of the dryer to hang them.

After resting, she cooked Mateo and did all the activities with this kid that you can because she loves encouraging him to learn.
Author: @mamadematurrio
Club Status: #NC
Post Link The Diary Game / 05-11-2024 / A day of rest and the eve of a special day 🌸💐
Nominated by: @dove11

Curation window: Open


A good publication, where friend @jenniferm shares what the party was like on the occasion of Labor Day, a diary that shows fun and good organization. The author captures good content and good photographs, however, she should better implement the formats according to the photos she wants to share.

Author: @jenniferm
Club Status: #5050
Post Link The diary Game :@jenniferm /10-05-2024/Un día de Compartir con motivo de celebración del día del trabajador .
Nominated by: @adeljose

Curation window: Open


In this post author shares his day from early morning to night. He started his day by offering fajar prayers at mosque. Hid different activities throughout the day. He explains his day with simple words with respective pictures.

Author : @sajidkhan514
Club Status : NC

Post Link: The Diary Game (13-05-2024) A very beautiful day!
Nominated by: @suboohi

Curation window: Open


Thank you very much,

That's all for the week

Best regards,

This is @dove11 signing off with the rest of the team,


May 14th, 2024 at 8.30 p.m.

@adeljose [Venezuela]
@dove11 [India]
@fombae [Cameroon]

We're expecting to find more talented newbies in coming weeks


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