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Banner For Koi Shop - Digital Art, New Competition (No.32)


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For this week's digital art, I created a banner for a koi shop. koi is a variety of tropical fish people keep. I too like to have a koi pond one day.

Quality Koi (1).png

To make this design I used Canva. so let me tell you how I made this step-by-step. first I opened up Canva and created a workspace of 1920 by 1080 pixels. because I am creating a banner today I thought this size would fit it perfectly. Then I searched for a picture of a koi and added it to my design then resized it.


After that, I duplicated the resized image and created another similar one. then I tried to create a scene, that each fish trying to follow each other's tail hence creating a circular motion.


After that, I added the shop's name to the design. which is "Quality Koi".


Then did some design work.


Then I Changed the background color and added some information.


After all the designing work and adding information I present to you my Banner of Quality koi shop.

Quality Koi (1).png

By the way, I just came up with the shop's name and it is not a real one. but I'm not sure if there is an actual koi shop in the same name.


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