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Why is it necessary to apply Promotion Strategies for small retailers.

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Since their creation, shopping malls have provided small cities or towns with the possibility of having the air of a city, since consumers feel more comfortable when shopping, as well as entertaining themselves, leaving leisure in each of them..

That is why the importance of using promotional strategies for owners of small locals who assume the change or venture to move to these new globalized economies allow them to position themselves in the consumers about the products they offer in better conditions, creating customer loyalty with the local and reaching in turn be competitive.

It should be noted that many of the entrepreneurs of the shopping centers are franchises and therefore, they themselves do not carry out the promotion for the products. However, the opposite is the case with the entrepreneurs of the stores that are small and medium-sized companies, who, due to the lack of knowledge about marketing and its elements such as promotion, miss the opportunities they have for attracting consumers, meeting their expectations, demands and offering them greater comfort at the time of shopping.

Therefore, the entrepreneurs of the stores in the shopping malls should focus their efforts on the promotion of products, using indicators that serve as tools such as promotional methods, since it will allow them to influence sales and in turn select the best means of advertising, making use of their resources to maximize their income.

To conclude we can mention that it is beneficial for both parties to bring public traffic to the malls because the merchant and the owner of the mall win because the public can satisfy all their shopping needs, which translates into more demand for local and therefore better profitability.


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