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The importance of applying state-of-the-art industrial processes.


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Slaughterhouses constitute the first link in the meat industry and are undoubtedly an axis of transformation for the environment in which they are located, since they provide jobs and also transform local production and surrounding areas.

Nowadays, slaughterhouses are highly technified and their purpose is to produce hygienically prepared meat by means of human handling of the animals. Therefore, the use of hygienic techniques for slaughtering animals is very important and will bring significant advances not only in animal health but also in human health.

Hence, standards and records have been established that describe the correct way to perform all activities and operations of the production process, to produce and sell food with proper hygiene, safe and quality for the consumer.

In this sense, being able to implement preventive strategies for process control and quality systems in the production chain, allows to offer the consumer a healthy and safe product, avoiding that the food is the cause of an illness or intoxication.

For this reason, the study of the cattle processing process focuses on hazards and critical control points as the scientific approach to control the process of slaughtering cattle in order to prevent the production of food with risky conditions.

Therefore, for the management this change will bring a large investment if we see it from that point of view, however, for others it will be an investment that may prevent some demand for organizations that perform this activity that results in loss of time and income, as may also be the subject of obtaining many more work tasks by using satisfactory mechanisms at the time of the benefit.

It should be noted that the use of cutting-edge mechanisms generates more income and brings as a consequence a sense of relevance of workers, because they feel supported in terms of safety and industrial hygiene, as well as in labor and economic security, since they see that the organization is concerned about being at par and be more competitive generating business status.


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