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Why Simplicity and Creativity is a Great Combo for a Memorable Business Logo – 2/2


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Continuing from where I stopped in my last post, looking at the logos of these businesses, I’m pretty sure there isn’t anyone who will say that he/she doesn’t have these logos stuck in their minds except the person has been living under a rock. You can also see how important simplicity and creativity are when it comes to business logo that helps a business achieve its ultimate goal. The logo of these top brands has contributed to the success of these brands. People don’t buy Apple iPhones because iphones have the best phone technology or the best looking phones… a lot of people who buy Apple iPhones buy them because of the “brand”, the status and prestige associated with the Apple company. I’m pretty sure sales of iPhones would drastically drop if Apple decides to make their phones without their logo on the iPhones…

The logo carries the brand… It is the logo that makes people think about the brand. If there is no apple logo on the iPhone, no one would know the maker and as such that will drastically reduce the willingness for people to want to buy simply because there isn’t any proof or identity that portrays high status or prestige associated with the Apple brand. People buy Nike shoes because of the Nike logo which carries the Nike brand and not because Nike produces the best shoes in the world. With that said, you can see how important a logo is for any business… when a business logo achieves its primary purpose which is having an identity, there is a greater chance of success.

Simplicity and creativity when utilized effectively combines to form a powerful catalyst in helping a business logo achieve its primary purpose. If you carefully look at some of the logos of the top brands, you will notice that their logos utilizes the power of simplicity and creativity which has helped them become memorable and achieve great success. Some logos look so simple that it looks like there isn’t any creativity, but if you look closer to the ideas behind the logo design, the creativity becomes clearer and obvious.

For example the FedEx logo. The logo looks so simple that many people think it is just a “font type” fedex… however, the creativity lies inside that super simple logo. There’s an arrow between the E and x that is pointing forward… That arrow signifies forward movement and forward direction of the FedEx company. Same with Amazon logo… the logo looks so simple but creative as well. The curve arrow moving from A to Z represents Amazon selling A to Z products and also a smile. With that said, the power of simplicity and creativity cannot be overemphasized when it comes to a business logo that not only achieves its primary purpose but also helps the business achieve success.



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