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Nature's Blueprint || How Genes Shape Us Across Generations

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Nature's Blueprint

How Genes Shape Us Across Generations

Today i share my view on this topic
Have you ever felt like you were good at something you never really learned? Maybe it’s because of your genes. Scientists are starting to discover that our genes can hold onto whispers of the past, even from our ancestors. Let me give you a famous example that clearly shows how history repeats itself Sir Ratan Tata, the Indian business legend. The Tatas are famous for their business sense, and Ratan sir take the steel industry by his hardwark, even though he was not directly involved in it before. Maybe the hard work and business knowledge of his ancestors left a kind of mark on his genes and a little step towards leadership.


Source- Canva

If I speak about myself, the habbit that i got from my parents is discipline and always maintaining a positive mindset . My father had a very helpful nature, and I inherited the habit of helping others from him. From my mother, I inherited innocence.
Also my parents are short tempered but thank god that i did not get that habbit.

One thing I inherited from my parents that makes me incredibly proud is my sense of humor. They always knew how to find laughter in life's little moments, and that positive outlook is something I naturally carry on. It helps me face challenges with a smile and connect with others in a fun way.

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Source- Canva

History to us, is like an ancient scroll passed down through generations, carrying the stories, victories and struggles of our ancestors. It is the echo of their footsteps, imprinted on the path we tread today. Their legacy is the foundation upon which we build our present and shape our future.

That’s my short article. I hope you like it.


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