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Hello world!

I am here with my little story to share for the week but before then, I thank everyone who has taken time to visit my blog, a very special thanks to @suboohi for such an interesting contest topic and I wish all the contestants success!


It’s my father, I love him very much and wish to share a story about my father with my friends today. On a very faithful day which was yesterday, I was sitting at the frontage of the shop when the old man walked to sit close to me to start his work.

His Name is Mr. David Jatau, he has no fears at all and always believe in God for every step in life, he has been a very good father to us and me specifically. He was born in the year 1951 which he will be celebrating his 73rd birthday on 31st May.

I don’t know why but I decided to snap him a picture as he was removing the seeds from the pepper. The taught that was running through my mind was that so, one day I am going to lose this man. Waw! I had to think like that because he is getting old. I was just feeling bad as I keep staring at him quietly.

He never knew what was running through my mind as he was doing his work, immediately he raised his head up, he started telling me stories of their encounter in the olden days.

The olden days

We were trekking to school as far as 4 kilometers and after school we go to the farm straight up to work in the farm before we go home. I am a very strong man today because of the strong food we were eating in those days and not the noodles we eat these days. I can see you are a strong man daddy, I replied.

I see myself growing old and having grey hairs. The young men and women these days are living a pity life because their days was never this way. Your mother was my first woman he says but do we still have girls and boys that can hold themselves these days? He kept nodding his head and left immediately. I ran into the house to give him a bucket of water to shower.

Staying and having time with old and advanced people is very inspiring. I decided to write a short story about my father and stories keeps ones mood very relaxed and admonished.

Thank you for reading to this point, I invite my friends to share their 1 Picture 1 Story for the week.

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