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Prioritizing nourishment over the taste of my food more than ever now

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I have a lesser enjoyment about eating my post-dialysis meal now because of what my appetite had become lately, I might cut it off from my diet or just divide to eat it in two consecutive days.



I am planning to eat where I will eliminate foods that will give me pleasure rather than nutrition, a good nutrition that is. Maybe I will continue to consume egg whites as my main source of protein and consequently reduce my protein intake which I would consume for my lunch-dinner eating times. But I have to make sure that I am not also consuming less calories so that I will not to lose anymore weight compared to my already emaciated body. My emaciated body is just a consequence of a lower dose of dialysis and not directly out of my own doing. Unfortunately I am kept on the "profiling" setting which affected my appetite and went worse because they modified my treatment session again and it further gave me more terrible in consuming my meals and at the same time giving me more trouble about having to deal with burning thirst.



The build-up of toxic substances in my blood is what I will try to do and this comes with a sacrifice of revolving my diet around so much that I will never look at food the way I do before.

My meal plan is to eliminate my intake a brand of multivitamins but will only rely on Moringa powder as my main source of vitamins and minerals. Although this leafy vegetable is high in potassium, I am just guessing that I will not overuse it or just cut back on my vegetable and fruits if any is around which I can consume. I was only trying to eat as much vegetables because it helps me to prevent constipation which sometimes happens if I was not consuming enough of them. My use of Calcium carbonate to help me control my Phosphorus levels in my blood is contributing about that risk of being constipated but I cannot eliminate my consumption of Calcium because Calcium is important for me for the reason that pain would return if I do not combine it with my food consumption.



I can't think of anything more nutritious food which I can consume to give me more favorable results other than consuming Moringa leaves in a form of powder so that it will give me more nutrition compared o f what I eat daily although I know that overconsuming this miracle food will also cause me some side-effects but better to choose it rather than risk myself of being malnourished while also making it sure that I will not get short of getting enough calories in a day to day basis.

That brand of multivitamins that I was talking about can go because vitamins are not required anymore if you are consuming nutritious foods and my way of doing it is consuming Moringa and then some honey just to sweeten it a bit so that at least it will not be as hard to ingest. A teaspoon or a tablespoon of Moringa powder leaves almost everyday could give me more benefits other than nourishing my body well is what I am looking forward into. I guess that it is a good trade about taking myself off from using multivitamins because one box of it costs me an arm and a leg so to speak while I guess that consuming Moringa powder could bring me more nutritional value especially if I will be using it with probiotics to help my guts assimilate the nutrients coming from the powdered leaves. Although this type of diet will definitely nourish me well, it will not cause me to improve my quality of life, the dialysis dose will have the last laugh in improving that which for now I think will not happen and more possibly cause my demise.



Now it seems that this meal plan that I will choose to do might give me imbalances but I am just trying to be as healthy as I can be and feel much better in-between lower dose of dialysis treatment.



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