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My father is feeling well again

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My father really endured his battle from a simple toothache which gave him a very bad hypertension issue and lead him to rest for a while but now he says that he is ok and that his blood pressure is much better.



More than a week ago my father told my mother that his tooth was aching, I think that he is enduring the pain for a while until he finally sort of "cannot take it anymore" and decided to make an appointment to the dentist where he last made an appointment to extract his other tooth but it was my mother which had called the dentist's assistant to make the reservation slot for him. I cannot recall the series of events but upon arriving to the dentist, his blood pressure was so high that he was not able to get his tooth extracted out so my parents had to return home and then they had made an appointment again where the day before the appointment time my father told my mother to cancel the dentist appointment saying that he has a cough as an excuse but my mother told me that she thinks that my father is just too nervous about it.



Being nervous about a tooth extraction exacerbated my father's hypertension and vise versa considering that he is already experiencing pain from his tooth.

Then my father thought of going to another dentist from somewhere else which doesn't make sense since there is nothing wrong with this original dentist where he had gone to extract his tooth before and was also my dentist which took off about six of my rotten teeth many months ago. But my father had a different way of thinking and it is just him. But before they had made an appointment where his tooth was finally extracted, he is also wasn't driving me to and from my dialysis clinic because of his higher blood pressure, his tooth pain, and that he says he has trouble sleeping aside from dizziness. That is why it was my brother that took the reigns of driving me until we asked our Barrio's Captain to help us to drive me to and from my dialysis clinic by using our Barrio's own ambulance for the purpose. I am glad that we have a working ambulance which is our alternative vehicle which we can rely on if we need it just like when I got hospitalized in Manila for fixing my AV fistula which had gotten so big that it is already torturing me with pain plus the worry of it might blow-up soon along with sleepless nights dealing with that kind of total inconvenience.



Much money was saved if only my father didn't changed dentists, the unnecessary appointment to other dentist gave us more inconvenience and expenses but in the end it better to have a better outcome compared to things getting getting worse.

Back to my father, and so in that instance where my brother would be the one to drop me to and pick me up again after my dialysis treatment, my mother had told me that the second dentist's clinic was not open when they got there. But my brother told them that there are so many dentist around and pointed them at the dentist within the business area of their subdivision where he lives nearby. And so, my brother took my parents there to set-up an appointment to the dentist but the dentist had took notice about my father's very high blood pressure which prompted the dentist to make my father get some clearance to his doctor first so that they can proceed to the tooth extraction. My father seemed to not understand it which lead to my mother explaining it to him and actually got mad about my mother for making him go to his doctor which prescribed him his antihypertensive medicines so that they finally get the clearance he needed for the dentist's removal of his bad tooth.



The adjustment of antihypertensive medication's dose, type, and frequency had a good effect on my father's blood pressure which allowed him to undergo with his simple tooth extraction.

The same day they went to his doctor for his hypertension which changed his blood pressure medication and added two where the other one is used to make his blood pressure to go down immediately. He also was given the clearance that he needed to finally make him get rid of his aching tooth. The blood pressure medication worked well for him so at least it gave him some sense of relief before they went again to the dentist which took-off his teeth. At the dentist's office, the dentist sensed that my father was really nervous and it shows when you get your blood pressure reading so the dentist told him to not get too nervous about it where my mother also tells him the same. After the tooth extraction my father looked like he got a major operation and made him to rest on his bed for a few days. Now he told my mother that she can already drive me to the dialysis clinic because his blood pressure returning to a better level than before which prompted my mother cancel our appointment for using the barrio's free ambulance service.



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