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I am targeting a lower dry weight at dialysis now

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2 months agoSteemit4 min read

I just have to be feeling lighter as a Kite now because it improves many things in my body and quality of life.



I am better off going home after my dialysis session feeling lighter compared to what I was targeting before with regards to my dry weight, these weight that I set-up for myself where there are at least no more extra fluids in my body which in my own situation is making me full and uncomfortable if I would not be adequately drawn-out with fluids which accumulate in my body particularly to my lungs which I personally saw that I have a fluid deposit during the session of abdominal ultrasound reading. That is why I know that I have to go and try to bring down my dry weight because it does clear my lungs from getting drowned from the fluids which accumulate in my lungs. This issue with my lungs is complicated because I have to make a way to get rid of this build-up of fluids and the only thing possible is to get a dialysis treatment whereas maybe the other way is to undergo a procedure called "paracentesis" which is a procedure where the doctor would poke a big long needle and a tube to my back and my lungs where the fluid build-up is accessed and made to drain whatever amount of fluid which is in there.



Based on my own experience, one major cause of mortality rate among dialysis patients are getting drowned by their own extra fluids which could have been prevented if enough water is drawn from their bodies which benefits the lungs. The dialysis nurses will not that for you unless you tell them to in many instances.

I can really feel the effects of drawing out extra fluids in my system especially to my lungs because it takes away the gurgling sound which my lungs produces when I am already due for dialysis especially when I am already full with water in m body considering that now I am more susceptible about getting waterlogged already for just a small amount of additional water coming from my fluid intake. Now to finally prevent that, I will set my dry weight lower so that I can be freed from reaching a pre-dialysis weight which my lungs would develop a higher deposit of fluids. This thing that I was doing lately with my more restriction about my diet from consuming lesser beverages like water allows me to target a lower dry weight which I wanted to maintain in order for my lungs to get in-check about preventing them to get oversaturated with fluids anymore so that I can better oxygenate my blood and produce a better well-being for myself although in the other hand, I cannot do anything about a lost lung capacity due to the curvature of my spine which in turn had squeezed my lungs which is why my body is more sensitive now if a volume of fluid would further squeeze it off.



My current weightloss plan is about losing water from my lungs while at the same time trying to maintain or improve my body mass.

I would in turn feel much better as a result of drawn fluids from my lungs and it gives me a better sleep quality, more energy, and doesn't make my heart race during sleep. However, due to my lung's reduced capacity to intake some air normally, it already lead me to get breathless in doing simple tasks like bathing myself or walking short distances, hence my need to use a wheelchair when I would have to go from point A to point B outside my home. I already had given-up in doing house chores like washing the dishes and also cooking because not only the require some effort, my not so good back will not be cooperating too. Now I know that targeting a relatively newer dry weight is resulting me to feel better with regards to my breathing and overall wellness, I will just stick to it since my blood pressure remains stable wen I reach that point after dialysis.



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