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Introducing Kayangan Lake


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Jiayang'an Lake is an artificial lake located in Qionglai City, western Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China. It is named after the Jiayang'an Ecotourism Resort adjacent to it. The lake is surrounded by lush greenery and offers beautiful scenery. Here's a more detailed introduction:

  1. Location
    Jiayang'an Lake is situated within the jurisdiction of Qionglai City, about 60 kilometers away from downtown Chengdu, Sichuan Province. It enjoys convenient transportation.
    The terrain around the lake is relatively flat, surrounded by green hills and trees, creating picturesque landscapes.
  2. Name Origin
    The name "Jiayang'an" comes from the nearby Jiayang'an Ecotourism Resort.
    "Jiayang'an" means "happiness and peace" in Tibetan.
  3. Lake Features
    Jiayang'an Lake is an artificial lake with a broad water surface and clear blue water.
    The surroundings are shaded by trees, providing a pleasant environment for leisure and vacation.
    Boat docks are set up around the lake, allowing visitors to rent boats and enjoy the scenic beauty and tranquility of nature.
    There are leisure and entertainment facilities and dining options along the lakeshore, where visitors can taste local specialties and enjoy leisure time.
  4. Activities
    Fishing: Jiayang'an Lake is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts, with abundant fish resources. Visitors can enjoy fishing in designated areas and experience the joy of angling.
    Hiking: There are hiking trails around the lake, where visitors can stroll along the lakeshore, enjoy the scenery, and experience the charm of nature.
    BBQ: There is a designated barbecue area by the lake, where visitors can bring their own ingredients and enjoy outdoor barbecue.
    Ecological Exploration: Visitors can also participate in ecological exploration activities to learn about the ecological environment and biodiversity of the lake area.
  5. Nearby Attractions
    Jiayang'an Ecotourism Resort: Adjacent to Jiayang'an Lake, it is a comprehensive tourism destination integrating leisure vacation, ecological sightseeing, and agricultural experience.
    Qionglai City: Qionglai City is a historical and cultural city in Sichuan Province, with many historical sites and cultural relics, such as the Thousand-year-old Ginkgo Tree and stone carvings.
    Jiayang'an Lake attracts numerous tourists with its beautiful natural scenery and abundant tourism resources, making it one of the popular tourist destinations around Chengdu.


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