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Ukrainian Orthodox Church #club100


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Ukrainian Orthodox churches are dotted all over Saskatchewan.


Many of them are in ruins now, mostly because few people remain living in the region where they were built. This one is still in use, however.


Many Ukrainians immigrated to the Canadian Prairies and 13% of Saskatchewanian people continue to claim Ukrainian ancestry. The largest wave of Ukrainian immigrants came between 1897 and 1914. In addition to churches, we witness the Ukrainian influence in our food. Everyone in Saskatchewan appreciates a steaming bowl of borscht with delicious perogies on the side, and even better, a hot plate of cabbage rolls.


These days, another wave of Ukrainian immigrants are coming to Canada, and many of them are arriving in Saskatchewan. Canada already has the 2nd largest population of Ukrainians in the world outside of Ukraine itself (first is Russia), so it is easy for Ukrainians to fit in here.

Since the recent invasion of Ukraine by Russia, over 1,500 displaced Ukrainians have been welcomed to Saskatchewan.

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