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Crooked Bush #club100


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Deep in Saskatchewan is a place called Crooked Bush. It is a tiny grove of trees where the aspens grow crooked.

crooked bush.jpg

In general, aspen trees grow upright toward the sky, but at Crooked Bush, they curl around and point back toward the Earth.

There are various theories about WHY this is happening, and most of them are nuts. While we were there, a man tried to tell me that there was extra gravity in this spot. I am pretty sure that is not the case.

The scientifically accepted theory is that these trees (which are all connected under ground anyway) have a genetic mutation. Even still, this is just the best guess. The scientists that have studied this phenomenon are not completely sure.

Perhaps it is aliens. Anything unexplainable can usually be attributed to aliens--right?

crooked bush 3.jpg

Whatever the case, this tiny grove of trees is valued by the locals and the site is maintained for the enjoyment of all. Although it does seem like someone was using their sign for target practice.

crooked bush 2.jpg

What do you think? Have you ever seen trees like this? Do you have a theory for what is causing them to grow like this? Is it aliens?

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