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Thirty-five years later... The fourth chapter of Genesis.


2 months agoSteemit

Probably the fourth chapter of the Book of Genesis, one of the most tragic books of the Old Testament, because all subsequent tragedies follow from the outcome of this chapter.

Fratricide, an attempt to hide from God, and God's love for everyone, because God warned many against killing Cain and his descendants.

A rather difficult situation to comprehend, Abel was too trusting, and Cain was too jealous, it took me three days to think about how I would present this on a piece of paper in the form of a picture.


I struggled with myself, I really didn't want to try to draw a baby, for me, drawing human faces is a tragedy lol.

But in the end I decided to take the risk.


drawing steemexclusive worldofxpilar art wox art-venture club100


The collection continued to grow.


To be continued.

Author @barski aka @roninrelax.

Nothing is impossible, my children prove it to me! There is nothing to be afraid of except God!
I hope that these resources, one day, will become my source of investment in the Steemit Manna Belacam coinbase


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