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Thirty-five years later... Second chapter of Genesis.


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Hi all!

Today, I want to continue the story of how a few years ago, I suddenly decided to start drawing after a long break in this business, and more than 35 years have passed.

It was not easy, but every next day was easier than the previous one.

It can be said that the first illustration for the first chapter of Genesis gave me the strength to go further, I became a little bolder and drew what I had never drawn before, for example, human hands.

So, the second chapter of the Book of Genesis tells us that Adam received from God the privilege and gift in the form of the ability to see the essence of animals and understand what name they can be given.

That is why we do not call a rabbit a tiger, and we do not call tigers crocodiles.


I decided to do all the work in the same style and on the same A5 paper size.


It's good that I had some clues, in the form of my own hands, and I could imagine what an extended hand would look like.


As you may understand, the beasts lined up to get their name.


That was the beginning of time and the first grains of sand fell to the bottom of the sand clock.


So, the collection of illustrations has replenished.

As I said earlier, I consider these works as sketches, which, in the future, taking into account all the mistakes, can be improved.

But, this will be a new picture, because these works are drawn with a ballpoint pen without a sketch with a simple pencil.


To be continued.

Author @barski aka @roninrelax.

Nothing is impossible, my children prove it to me! There is nothing to be afraid of except God!
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