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Discipline is necessary for children !


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Hello Steem Kids & Parents Community

Hello ,my dear friends ! I am @aviral123 from India.

how are you all Hope you all are fine. I am also fine. Today I want to express my views on the subject "Why is discipline important for children" with all of you.

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First of all what is discipline? This is important to know. It is very important to have discipline in the life of every person. Because without discipline a person cannot achieve success in his life. Because discipline only teaches us to do each work in the right way at the right time by being disciplined.


Children have to be taught the importance of discipline from childhood. Because only by being disciplined they can achieve success in their life. If there is no discipline then any work will be done in any way at any time. Without discipline, a person's life is meaningless. Because a person will never be able to progress in his life. Will waste his time in useless things.

And it is said that "time never comes back". Time is like sand which keeps on slipping slowly from the grasp of your hands, no one can catch it. The personality of every person can be developed only by being disciplined. The children who remain disciplined always make progress in their life. A disciplined person has a routine of his own. He does every work in a disciplined manner by staying in his routine.


If the children are given too much leeway, then the children get spoiled due to excessive pampering. They don't even listen to their parents. And a time comes when they even embarrass their parents in front of everyone. All parents love their children very much but along with love, children also need a sweet scolding. Sometimes it is seen that the children were loved so much that that love overshadowed the lives of the children and the children ruined their future. That's why it is very important to teach the lesson of discipline to the children for the development of their social personality for a good future of the children. Because if not taught in childhood then it becomes very difficult to teach the lesson of discipline to the children. Because the foundation which is It is kept since childhood.


All parents struggle whole life how to give good living, education to their children and they love children a lot. Sometimes children take undue advantage of this love and this is the reason. Love becomes a headache for parents too.


Today's children want everything immediately. And parents also give. But their wishes should be fulfilled according to their age because if we give them everything too early before their age, then children will never understand the importance of those things. That's why it is very important to teach the lesson of discipline to children to make them understand the importance of money and things.


May all the children get success and progress in their life and in the future with these best wishes.


Thank you


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