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Ninety Week Of Staking Trx | Staked Total 10 TRX This Week | 10% To @tron-fan-club


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Hello Everyone! I hope you are having a good day. I'm contributing to Tron (TRX) ecosystem by staking TRX for a long time. This is my Ninetieth week of staking TRX.

Today, I've staked total of 10 TRX to participate in this initiative. Below, I'll be sharing step by step process on how I staked my TRX.

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Step 1

In the beginning, you can see that I have a total of 1628 TRX in my wallet. Now, I clicked stake option to stake 10 TRX.

Screenshot_20240614-192259_TronLink Pro.jpg

Step 2

Then, I wrote 10 in the staking option and then clicked Next Step button.

Screenshot_20240614-192309_TronLink Pro.jpg

Step 3

Here, I'm confirming my transaction to stake 10 TRX for personal use.

Screenshot_20240614-192315_TronLink Pro.jpg

Step 4

In this step, I've successfully staked 10 TRX. Now, I'll be voting to SRs.

Screenshot_20240614-192328_TronLink Pro.jpg

Step 5

After staking TRX, you can see that my wallet tab has been updated and it's showing the updated amount of staked TRX.

Screenshot_20240614-192335_TronLink Pro.jpg

Step 6

Now, It's time to vote for SRs. I clicked Vote option from the above page. I input all of my available tron power here and then clicked Vote.

Screenshot_20240614-192340_TronLink Pro.jpg

Step 7

In this step, I'm quick voting 3 SRs. You can see that from the screenshot below.

Screenshot_20240614-192345_TronLink Pro.jpg

Step 8

Now, I'm confirming my transaction to vote 3 SRs with total of 10 TRX.

Screenshot_20240614-192350_TronLink Pro.jpg

Step 9

After that, my SR voting is successful. Then I clicked Done.

Screenshot_20240614-192400_TronLink Pro.jpg

This is how I staked 10 TRX & voted to SRs. Below, I'm sharing my TRX staking list:-

WeekStaked AmountFinal Amount
0120 Trx20 Trx
0220 Trx40 Trx
0319 Trx59 Trx
0418 Trx77 Trx
0517 Trx94 Trx
0619 Trx113 Trx
0715 Trx128 Trx
0815 Trx143 Trx
0916 Trx159 Trx
1016 Trx175 Trx
1115 Trx190 Trx
1215 Trx205 Trx
1316 Trx221 Trx
1415 Trx236 Trx
1516 Trx252 Trx
1619 Trx271 Trx
1717 Trx288 Trx
1819 Trx307 Trx
1918 Trx325 Trx
2017 Trx342 Trx
2119 Trx361 Trx
2220 Trx381 Trx
2319 Trx400 Trx
2420 Trx420 Trx
2519 Trx439 Trx
2621 Trx460 Trx
2720 Trx480 Trx
2820 Trx500 Trx
2922 Trx522 Trx
3022 Trx544 Trx
3121 Trx565 Trx
3220 Trx585 Trx
3323 Trx608 Trx
3422 Trx630 Trx
3520 Trx650 Trx
3622 Trx672 Trx
3723 Trx695 Trx
3820 Trx715 Trx
3919 Trx734 Trx
4020 Trx754 Trx
4120 Trx774 Trx
4221 Trx795 Trx
4322 Trx817 Trx
4421 Trx838 Trx
4522 Trx860 Trx
4621 Trx881 Trx
4722 Trx903 Trx
4821 Trx924 Trx
4923 Trx947 Trx
5022 Trx969 Trx
5121 Trx990 Trx
5222 Trx1012 Trx
5323 Trx1035 Trx
5421 Trx1056 Trx
5522 Trx1078 Trx
5621 Trx1099 Trx
5715 Trx1114 Trx
5814 Trx1128 Trx
5915 Trx1143 Trx
6013 Trx1156 Trx
6112 Trx1168 Trx
6211 Trx1179 Trx
6312 Trx1191 Trx
6411 Trx1202 Trx
6510 Trx1212 Trx
6611 Trx1223 Trx
6711 Trx1234 Trx
6809 Trx1243 Trx
6909 Trx1252 Trx
7010 Trx1262 Trx
7111 Trx1273 Trx
7210 Trx1283 Trx
7311 Trx1294 Trx
7410 Trx1304 Trx
759 Trx1313 Trx
769 Trx1322 Trx
7710 Trx1332 Trx
789 Trx1341 Trx
799 Trx1350 Trx
8010 Trx1360 Trx
8111 Trx1371 Trx
8210 Trx1381 Trx
839 Trx1390 Trx
8410 Trx1400 Trx
859 Trx1409 Trx
8610 Trx1419 Trx
8711 Trx1430 Trx
8810 Trx1440 Trx
899 Trx1449 Trx
9010 Trx1459 Trx

Finally, Thank you for visiting my post. I'll try to stake TRX & vote for SRs in the upcoming weeks as well. In this way, I'll try to increase my total staked amount of Trx each week.

Thank You

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