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A trip to Natore's Green Valley Park


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Assalamu Alaikum I hope you are all well Alhamdulillah I am very well today I came to share my travel story with you I called Natore Green Valley Park


Natore's Green Valley Park is a very beautiful place that looks very beautiful. This view has been created so that people want to travel here. And there is such a beautiful view to travel there is a variety of flowering plants and a variety of swings for children.

This is why parents of children come to visit Green Valley Park with them. Also here is an image I have shared with you. It is a man sitting with a hammer. So that it looks good and people are very happy to see. That is why this scene has been created

It took 2 to 3 years for this Green Valley Park to create such a beautiful view that people can enjoy traveling. You know, it's fascinating to see this place, and it took them so long to get there again and again.



Inside Green Valley Park, there is a beautiful view of the fountain and the water is falling. I took a lot of beautiful pictures of it. And while everyone here is taking pictures with their mobile cameras, I also took pictures here as he wished because this scene became popular with everyone.

Two showers were made, one small and the other large, which is why people are happy and enjoy the view

When we went to visit this Green Valley Park, there was a lot of crowd and we did not get much pleasure. I hope this kind of trip I want to do there more beautifully


Gradually becoming more and more beautiful, this Green Valley Park will become more and more beautiful as the years go by. Joy is going to travel and a more beautiful scene we can capture on our mobile camera I will definitely go there again. And be glad i love to travel and here i went after a long time and i went there for the first time in my life

I have made mistakes in many places in my life but this place has become very popular with me because I like to do a lot of things that have been made here. But a scene as beautiful as 50 rupees has been created

Arriving at Green Valley Park we paid 200 rupees and had lunch for 150 rupees

When I travel, I like to eat there and when I travel, it is not fun to eat without food. And the food there is very tasty and good

There is a very nice hotel in Natore's Green Valley Park. I heard the food there was delicious and I liked the food there. And the next time I travel, I have to eat at that hotel. The food there is very tasty and I ate it. It's fun to eat while traveling and I love to eat more and more food.


At the entrance to Green Valley Park, a beautiful view is created at the gate. Two people are made of clay

This beautiful Green Valley Park is so beautifully designed for people to travel with the permission of the government so that they can come here to travel in a very good way.

I shared my travel-story about Grill Valley Park in a very nice way. You'll be fine. Stay healthy. I will share a new place travel story with us later. And if there are any mistakes in this travelogue, you must forgive me


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