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What is the reason for not receiving TRX for ten days


3 months agoSteemit2 min read

Hello friends, I am seeing since many days that TRX is not being received, I do not understand the reason but I have searched a lot in which TRX is not coming from 05/10/2021, this has happened for the first time also but After a few days it started coming but this time it has been 10 days so far no hope is visible so I have tried to try some new ones, I have also prepared new wallets, so far no specific information on that too Haven't received it, I am still preparing a post by continuing the effort in which it can be solved by talking to some friends.


Then I talk to some of my friends but they also have no idea about them, I have not seen any reduction in TRX yet but I have benefited a lot from TRX in which I have also got a chance to buy many coins. I have done my lockdown work. Have done with these coins, it is not less than a gift for me but the gift has stopped getting, in which the problem has increased, I have learned a lot in TRX, TRX transactions work very fast, you can do it You can also buy and sell whose price you can easily see

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