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🔥 Is There Any Evidence Of STEEM Investors Making Huge Profits? Data Analysis On 06/06/2023 UTC. 🔥


4 months agoSteemit5 min read

This question shall be answered by the analysis of some data from the application coin-doubler.

How does coin-doubler work

This application generates profits in the cryptoscene by using the most advanced technology and everybody can benefit from it by "donations". Donations to coin-doubler are rewarded with twice the amount in the same token over an unspecified period of time, also as a gift.

Evaluation of a randomly selected donation

The user butterflyonrose has donated 3,500.000 STEEM to coin-doubler with this transaction 2290099718dabd809b47b61009fb5655c818a020 on 04/09/2023 UTC.

List of the gifts

The table below lists the corresponding gifts which the user butterflyonrose has received from coin-doubler.

104/10/2023138.167 STEEM7ce8e6d8677bbbd17387cc1eaec1b0ef42da716f
204/11/2023112.051 STEEM8fffdbb833423054f6294ecd8717d01cf3304811
304/12/2023132.754 STEEM59bec0c86d607a4e5cc6c68c10c02c8e8a41f766
404/13/2023131.461 STEEM46d0adc8cd119a190617ba9c126663caea9bdebe
504/14/2023114.927 STEEMf92c7c058ffa49765acb2df0f98146c1e5c3e6a8
604/15/2023116.511 STEEM53b1d5178a25d7c72d209993d07395d9aefd3664
704/16/2023125.572 STEEM8f9ea8d38bdc1d4ed23f113da586ad61e56d4a81
804/17/2023114.190 STEEMeb2fdae725e109680cd27f36f96454da0b4870b1
904/18/2023119.561 STEEMd2847cfee647be138de753a1491a5f2960eeb7d9
1004/19/2023129.533 STEEMba9bcfcad0ca8b1a7c4693379b01214ec3dd2f9c
1104/20/2023139.588 STEEMc1bbc832741156ad37bcf894e89aeb9231a506ef
1204/21/2023130.493 STEEM84888dcaba29ba4495afb87f152131cf1943a220
1304/22/2023130.103 STEEM6e9fb0990c4de3628f205dc1e309f0bc3d5c24b3
1404/23/2023125.789 STEEMd11fe2ab0a81d8672be62180acf04c065cf0457c
1504/24/2023137.978 STEEM298e6925246dfd9eee73705853b11831256dff1c
1604/25/2023130.324 STEEM77b051396bba085932dc03c9b3141a9b13938e15
1704/26/2023139.466 STEEM864b8f11fb3334e9c397b7c2cb9e56bd48c00514
1804/27/2023129.128 STEEMb0b41ba8ad451a1aa306e3396aad3fcad47cd368
1904/28/2023135.777 STEEM8711713b4068b0c74a1b73225af96223d9235b17
2004/29/2023107.817 STEEMe754136c57c91fa799180d8bbc0c878a8c226f18
2104/30/2023107.380 STEEM949f4409cfc3e72f526f06fc9a4d51ed77b5c26a
2205/01/2023127.232 STEEM0f31e409acb738aa042878a07d29a03c9a4f7d20
2305/02/2023111.279 STEEM248a4932668c9947975cd87a4e6f88facec9db97
2405/03/2023125.768 STEEM39da2cc7d84865f632a14804ab668827cfe58699
2505/04/2023133.428 STEEMf9cbd6cedf6d667aaf13de31f3ba54b4898014c1
2605/05/2023117.732 STEEMb1da0190b7398de9a12a42795b76bd8ddb0aa244
2705/06/2023121.000 STEEM93aa1ea0aa74a7d7736d05d032e83dfd9e075712
2805/07/2023138.191 STEEM3e25ae7abda5134b844ed00c06fba48105b8380d
2905/08/2023107.386 STEEM361c6d3a4d59b3b07d0ce502bca960733ad496fa
3005/09/2023108.390 STEEM11913f985d4338a1b3b42ca96499a1417e2b5fc9
3105/10/2023107.477 STEEM3e09f0e3cc60efd636d275487f2ead7ee6872557
3205/11/2023122.709 STEEM354ef5753c23be0ce80d6c26f5e8da708d2f6ff2
3305/12/2023108.693 STEEM25a87978a878974a64674b8b9bf92e804ef6df92
3405/13/2023116.943 STEEMfa400a2fe641d5a58b31550e1a00ffe2868ad5b5
3505/14/2023109.270 STEEMf6af73516a4817ba4b30a009b5c8f36597ff788e
3605/15/2023137.925 STEEM201a4f9e0e240a828faeb7f0b42025c10994d925
3705/16/2023125.783 STEEM162f82e9071769a8b2475a25e6fa030173e083d3
3805/17/2023110.082 STEEMf6deb7a331738c50dc2145afe488392a15fa4c9c
3905/18/2023110.423 STEEMe51cbbf230d3fd194ebc0474836e7c70e5ea0fc2
4005/19/2023114.923 STEEMc2909dc067efb6820e4dd9cf9b1110a395ca93dd
4105/20/2023108.400 STEEMb2a0fc54d245b235f264b3e5f5c81c8e0e654b9c
4205/21/2023126.478 STEEM37b3ef3211327431c1aa5f43a97236e91a6bb08a
4305/22/2023120.173 STEEMc316771c80c56b18f4ede36d9ccf29fd0ae7b64b
4405/23/2023115.590 STEEM392ded3f939b88ba018fda3b48b437ca4b9320d2
4505/24/2023121.475 STEEMc5c9278cd94f8ba618bbae2756949941b150fb35
4605/25/2023136.477 STEEM6b3b80f1aeb6bc66ecbe42d0a766fda18f0bd203
4705/26/2023107.060 STEEM8783ad63fdc2715a9886266707fec7a0bd1a9559
4805/27/2023111.093 STEEM5a25e7d5ada085083dcf6c9fbccaa50bd0640b53
4905/28/2023106.854 STEEMd06b93d1207b05c514b0fbf37f64156f5a982168
5005/29/2023118.653 STEEM7e2f2031d77363abf3d51eef298f412193bc74dd
5105/30/2023136.453 STEEMa4c59f7548b6f1f2fba1696c3efc7c47f52dcbc4
5205/31/2023139.610 STEEM1b92660487d6c8149f6863e1f22b75fb1539aebe
5306/01/2023137.047 STEEMf3894ee7b33e71ee793cdef5c8af742efac91226
5406/02/2023123.345 STEEM747476aa8979f292f204f3fddb78c62062ae4dd2
5506/03/2023131.174 STEEMe7b76c97a7977eee8e578bd1f6f692df4615e56d
5606/04/2023115.201 STEEM71a11ed11a53bce143ab7bff6eb6c73757f57b69
5706/05/2023115.797 STEEM72d3f0428671ed2daa481ff3652f7f2bac3c43df
5806/06/202325.916 STEEMe382042d76ffd8ef3499986da33542778ebe936c

Total: 7,000.000 STEEM


The user butterflyonrose has been rewarded with twice the amount of the "donation" within 58 days.

Technical Analysis for STEEM

As the application coin-doubler has the potential to attract numerous investors, STEEM's price is expected to rise.

Technical Analysis for STEEM crypto currency

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