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🔥 Is The STEEM Cryptocurrency A Good Choice For Investors? Data Analysis On 05/15/2024 UTC. 🔥


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This question shall be answered by the analysis of some data from the application coin-doubler.

How does coin-doubler work

This application generates profits in the cryptoscene by using the most advanced technology and everybody can benefit from it by "donations". Donations to coin-doubler are rewarded with twice the amount in the same token over an unspecified period of time, also as a gift.

Evaluation of a randomly selected donation

The user muffinhead has donated 4,450.000 STEEM to coin-doubler with this transaction 57d39b9dbff54b02af1ef501e06bda18175b65e9 on 03/18/2024 UTC.

List of the gifts

The table below lists the corresponding gifts which the user muffinhead has received from coin-doubler.

103/19/2024137.565 STEEMac2ec70a7c06f6493bb9a0d6924b6377c5ac4d9b
203/20/2024146.369 STEEM97d8908b92053ac43fa5b155354a61c8e4b0b967
303/21/2024153.361 STEEM19cf54aab6cc5da2d9959e0a236de9afe9f264e2
403/22/2024134.502 STEEM0d8b5fd17840a296b707502ff35a89628f70919b
503/23/2024160.628 STEEM21d030de755a01d781658fd0bde5c1b4732205b4
603/24/2024142.027 STEEM3631b0b6ee7f348fbf0e39cf9fcade9a40eb43bb
703/25/2024163.447 STEEMb27e619083b6d942af1dc0164b03da9eeb48a600
803/26/2024171.580 STEEM1877c0aaebf300298056468515fceb7fd20d56cb
903/27/2024138.475 STEEMc685bba615216d0e69d2a9453db6ca331801df43
1003/28/2024134.862 STEEM6edc3b2992b4cae1e4b6978babcc19a7e0471204
1103/29/2024140.629 STEEM51ffeec3b0ccafd8254799e890f8d134625243f3
1203/30/2024145.025 STEEM0dd73d37ae3fbb1142dd2052e4d3943974b054ce
1303/31/2024144.852 STEEM51e3d440962428444d72038c6e49ee8a682a9f7a
1404/01/2024163.369 STEEM9a28f57c83ad73c5d88890d871149175f1b8e676
1504/02/2024143.674 STEEM8cda722ae342d107805712e831bfa6f298f97f68
1604/03/2024173.130 STEEM6abdbc78e452998e6b361f64cfc734bf1bd5a428
1704/04/2024156.729 STEEM4723bff9fbe9cc503c68a2b7c177a43a3e67f715
1804/05/2024149.013 STEEMfa718bd57656ba736670f9a5a3897b78d20fac19
1904/06/2024140.687 STEEMc5c11aef125087b37e6f0e6238e88b8d0ef84f2d
2004/07/2024154.196 STEEMd66ecb9f3f5dc7122df5886ec77edcfd1d09681f
2104/08/2024147.670 STEEM27e6cbe14fa7a7ff0d9fe193197442fc1a2a0581
2204/09/2024155.438 STEEM8483bd502a7afaf5f671474c4590fb7c78bc4a85
2304/10/2024146.638 STEEM6b1ca74a1220025c160127d3d525f05144dce43e
2404/11/2024150.755 STEEM71ed838806b1a5aa858fb97ca516c83dad55ea84
2504/12/2024155.290 STEEM8bdff90763bf7b4b1707c86ce19e3b468d11d6c8
2604/13/2024170.569 STEEM0b2d8c19a2bfe1239ee567a7fa3c9f1cd2d1e4b1
2704/14/2024174.853 STEEMa41ce9322f278165db1a6465a279ae6ebeb69a91
2804/15/2024144.213 STEEM1bcc8c1f2013954c487e5d03c6194d5244dc884c
2904/16/2024175.056 STEEMdb92fc815fa94ac51c8fb835a6e77c375ebcfd37
3004/17/2024167.528 STEEM789019a87fa7fe59431af758492cb2842cd682ef
3104/18/2024153.168 STEEM9c7fdf9c2d32f47ca5f7917dc7874dafb6a00092
3204/19/2024162.349 STEEMba56d59ec826f49c3b4b5711503bf32864fbf946
3304/20/2024138.888 STEEMac3d84855882e1d6961bd900af49117d88ead54c
3404/21/2024139.919 STEEMee989603af5c8fcbca5de72460a900cc10881f1e
3504/22/2024142.512 STEEMbc4d2dd58e119f99ffe9223f347669a1d7b7199c
3604/23/2024148.590 STEEM714205f38151980a05d1928a53831a522e80ca77
3704/24/2024158.028 STEEMe955a7c8529daa6e0f8e28408c470526e31d8888
3804/25/2024176.437 STEEMcd6c3dba452a6964c3313497d4118bd49dd903bf
3904/26/2024169.182 STEEM9810ffcc0c8a04f4e317cdaf565e9ac45f3c1161
4004/27/2024166.006 STEEM7bcabcb0653464652dd9cd85c0dc3765e78bc5fe
4104/28/2024145.686 STEEM694260aab2dd66bf3b04a8aaacae99a9ae001626
4204/29/2024177.373 STEEMd96ce5e0766f9bb925fca1f73031f7aec7b7eca2
4304/30/2024136.834 STEEMcfafccdee10e007d8f67434cb50647edc9a7ff6e
4405/01/2024170.136 STEEMe7d6cd4bfb0c46d724f21f076ff87e4252e36890
4505/02/2024171.295 STEEMa32c12e6905e4cef510a6c59de2e29da5b2ffb28
4605/03/2024134.763 STEEMfad29681facc5f0c78a097726dfab92a5de2a731
4705/04/2024168.051 STEEMba14bd14f3b7179f332d6460f5a49903926e24ec
4805/05/2024140.256 STEEMbd983e64adae0d8786ebb2ba496b65d284c072d0
4905/06/2024161.891 STEEMb09832daf683534df625b213b32c809704e878a5
5005/07/2024148.513 STEEMf603d37aa3f3f9f969127b96d7ca4defe15fbf28
5105/08/2024173.179 STEEM44cbe9cf4474db770e1ef6df005fa7aae909d85c
5205/09/2024150.783 STEEM442f13dbc020c7dcf0a1a71c61b05e0a27e6ddf0
5305/10/2024162.176 STEEM6051178bea79779c75eb0401ac258fa480345e58
5405/11/2024171.869 STEEM22280e52ff9a18b0b6989c2a9e8c4388739ee07d
5505/12/2024173.373 STEEM2baa0bff2ecaa5527fa59864be75e0ea4803910a
5605/13/2024154.806 STEEM076b9b792f8d385c05dd48ee2b1dbfcf0f07a93e
5705/14/2024142.379 STEEM1281f3d9f23d813b0bf564844668d9928aca4ae7
5805/15/202479.428 STEEM803aa257beace3363cd03d19a1e7edc87cf1ff14

Total: 8,900.000 STEEM


The user muffinhead has been rewarded with twice the amount of the "donation" within 58 days.

Technical Analysis for STEEM

As the application coin-doubler has the potential to attract numerous investors, STEEM's price is expected to rise.

Technical Analysis for STEEM crypto currency

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